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Frequently Asked Questions
How can we use that much water?
Upon receiving your water bill write down the date you received it and read your meter. (See "How to Read Your Water Meter") The difference between the time the City read it and the date you received it in the mail is approximately two weeks. After reading your meter, calculate the difference. If the current reading on the bill is higher than the reading you just read, call our office.

How can they read the meter when it's so dirty?
Since the meter is the lowest part in your yard it acts like a drain. Therefore, any moisture (rain, car wash, watering the yard) will create mud in the meter box. But, each month the meter reader wipes only the glass register to take the billing reading.

Upon a divorce, can I transfer the water bill into my name?
Only if the divorce decree denotes the ownership of said location to the individual can the water bill transferred into that name without a new deposit.

Upon death of spouse, can I transfer the water bill into my name?
Yes, with a copy of the death certificate and photo ID, the water bill can be transferred to the surviving spouse without a new deposit.

Can the water bill be transferred out of my parent's name into my name without a new deposit?
No. A new deposit, legal document(s) showing proof of ownership of said property and payment of any outstanding balance on the estate must be paid prior to start of water service.

How is my water bill determined?
From the difference between previous and current readings, the water usage is determined in the thousands. Water cost is $3.83 per thousand after the first 2,000 gallons. The first 2,000 gallons is included in the base cost. Residential meters are 5/8 x 3/4 and their base cost is $6.75.


Previous reading 345
Current readings 350
Difference in readings equals 5 = 5,000 gallons of usage.
Base cost $6.75 (first 2,000 gallons included) + 11.49 (3 x $3.83) = Water $18.24
Sewer Cost is $2.55 per thousand gallons of usage plus $0.60 per sewer unit. An older home usually has 1 bath and kitchen sink = 6 sewer units x .60 = $3.60. Sewer cost = 5 x $2.55 = $12.75 + $3.60 = $16.35.
Water cost = $18.24
Sewer cost = $16.35

How can my sewer cost be higher than my water cost?
If your sewer charge is higher than your water charge, please call Customer Service at (409) 643-5923.

How can my water bill be the same amount each month?
Since the City only bills in the thousands, it's not uncommon to have the same bill during the year. You may use 3,590 gallons of water, but the City will only bill 3,000 gallons of usage. Therefore, if you use 3,999 or 3,001 gallons of water, you are only billed 3,000 gallons of usage.

If my water is shut off, and I know I paid my bill, what can I do?
Please contact Customer Service at (409) 643-5923 to check on your account. If the disconnect was not generated from this office, it is possible there is a water leak in your area. Please contact the Utilities office at (409) 359-5505 or after hours, weekends and holidays at (409) 682-6846 to verify a possible leak.

What do I do when I'm experiencing a slow sewer drain, sewer back-up or see a water main break or leak?
Please contact the Utilities office at (409) 359-5505 or after hours, weekends and holidays at (409) 682-6846 to verify a possible leak.

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